Friday 8 January 2010

Things to do on a snow day part 3...

well missed out part 2 as did nothing much!!

Actually I did brave the conditions and took kids down to the supermarket for essentials (bread, wine, cakes, loo roll, crisps etc.!!). And faced up to the soon to be ex on doorstep when he actually managed to come & see kids though still with his "new" family attached...

Any way back to day 3 of stuck at home in snow.....

Forgot to turn one alarm off so still got woken at 6:45 (and discovered baby boy in my bed!). Alarm went off at 8:15 for me to phone into work re school closure - instead discovered I could e-mail that all schools closed..

Kids decided to go downstairs and watch TV leaving me in the nice cosy bed and I didn't wake up until 10 when I had a text! Then kids starting misbehaving so thought I had to get up.... but instead they relocated upstairs and I ended up being brought breakfast in bed!!

Decided I needed to practice my new hair styling so gave up on PJ day and showered whilst kids CBBC'd and ate cakes!

After 2 days of not a lot thought it was time kids helped out so announced a scavenger hunt and got kids to search out toys from my room. Floor looks a lot clearer and I can get in and out of bed safely!

rest of day fairly wasted with TV/FB/Twitter ;-)

Kids got stir crazy towards the end of the day so must try and get out tomorrow though even if the snow coming down in buckets at the minute!!

Any way also signed up to an online marketing associates scheme to try and make money. No idea whether its a scam but worth a punt at minute. Check out for hottest deals :-)

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