Saturday 9 January 2010

Bedtime hell

We've all been there with the kids' bedtime from hell...

Attempt no 1:
17:30 son v grouchy & sleepy so take upstairs and try to snuggle to sleep. He appears close to sleep so kiss him and come downstairs.

17:45 phone rings and whilst I am chatting to cousin O re-appears looking sleepy. He carries on trying to eat supper whilst I finish phone call.

Peace reigns so leave for a while until O gets horrible again so... 18:30 attempt no 2:
Full bed routine with story in his bed, leave him and come down. Stroppy older daughter having paddy because she can't change TV to the channel she wants (kids TV all stopped as its 19:00)..

After few minutes she calms down enough to get in PJs and cuddle her hamster for a while.

19:30 about to get her upstairs when little brother re-appears downstairs.

So attempt no 3:
Both kids listening to story on my bed. O bouncing around, E fiddling with contents of my bedside table.

Kids in bed so downstairs and cook my tea (yummy soft boiled eggs & toasted hot cross buns!)

Hear sounds of kids throughout my tea but low level so ignore it. When I finish things have escalated to screams so go and investigate... hear those dreaded words "I done poo poo"....

So change O and meanwhile E gets out top bunk to go and fetch her teddy from downstairs. On her way back into bed bangs herself on ladder. Send O back in but 20 minutes later the volume from their room is still well above that of kids even attempting to sleep....

Think I got them overtired by walking them through snow to town & back.....

Watch this space to see if they get to sleep before I do...

UPDATE 21:15

E has relocate to my bed. O just appeared with a pot of dinosaurs asking if he can play with them down here...

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