Sunday 17 January 2010

Hope's for the week ahead

Well all my plans for the year so far have just about to come to nothing thanks to the snow and in fact somethings have got worse so I need to knuckle down and start over and really get cracking. So I will put down what I need to, what I would like to do and what I can save for the future...

I need to

Get at least the home blessing hour done and keep up with the housework.

Complete my tax return

Get kids to all their clubs & medical appointments

Do 2nd last week of my day job

Sort out the laundry backlog and get it all away..

Get closer to the 5 fruit & veg a day into both myself & kids

Recycle the 3 month back log of glass!

Keep the habit of having a clear kitchen at bedtime

I would like to

Get the sitting room company ready so I can have people over

Help kids get their room somewhere approaching a space they can play in

Have the bedtime routine sorted so I stop having issues of bed returns & arguments

On hold for the future

Clearing dining room

Sorting out the soon to be ex's abandoned stuff into bin it, sell it, use it

Let's see how I actually get on!


  1. Your list is similar to mine and I've made little progress so far, but this kind of stuff is all a W.I.P. isn't it, it's not like once it's done it's done, it's all ongoing.

  2. definitely wip but in my case I have a 6 bedroom house to try and sort out as quickly as I can in case it gets repossessed!!

    Some things will repeat each week but hopefully then I can add easy maintenance to keep the sorted rooms clear..

    As FlyLady says you can't organise clutter so major clear out taking place now...


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