Friday 1 January 2010

New Year - New ???

Well it will certainly be a year full of challenges for me once I get back home.

I am nervous but excited too as I may now be able to change things for the better for the kids & I. One month left of being a wage slave and then I will be at the mercy of government policy on single mothers. Will have to get good at budgeting (not a strong point!).

Number 1 job is to sort the house out and hopefully make some money in the process. Got to speak nicely to some friends who are eBay experts!

Hope my kids are being OK about things. E talked about Daddy splitting up with Debbie and then maybe if we changed that we could love each other again. Poor kid doesn't understand adult emotions. I just gave her a kiss.

Mixed visit to my grandparents at their nursing home. GM recovering from her infection and seemed healthy if a little confused. GW very frail & distressed and saying he wanted to die. Tough for us all especially my dad.

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