Friday 16 September 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - Torchlight #R2BC

Some weeks the therapeutic benefits of this blog hop are more needed than ever! Two weeks into school and I really have to focus on the positives to give me a boost... So here I go:

1) Torchlight

Since we moved to Kendal we have either watched or taken part in the local Torchlight parade which takes place every September. This year we had a monsoon but it didn't stop the parade and how could you not smile at a pink tractor being driven by a lady holding an umbrella:

2) Torchlight celebration

This year for the first time we had a street party the day after Torchlight in the town centre. There was entertainment and hands on activities. My daughter and her BFF had a lot of fun painting the cardboard castle and trying to unicycle:

3) Inspiration from Dahl

On Dahl day I spotted this quote in our school library. When you are teaching children the very basics you need to be motivated as to why:

4) Helm Sunset

For a second week running we had a cracking sunset during fell running training on the Helm:

6) Secondary school visit

As my son is in year 5 the local secondaries start to try and entice them for year 7. At one school's open evening he was very impressed with the maths, science and PE departments. He in turn impressed the PE teachers with his hoop shooting skills:

 I look forward to reading what is making everyone else happy too!

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