Thursday 8 September 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: Back to School #R2BC

The hostess with the mostest this month is Michelle so I hope you all pop over and say hi! I enjoyed reading everyone's posts last week and hope there are a lots of you joining in this week. Here are my back to school reasons to be cheerful:

1) Back on the Helm

Back to school means back to the Helm for running club on a Wednesday night. What a cracking first evening back up there too:

2) Carpet

I spent time at the weekend helping my son clear his bedroom so that he now has a completely clear floor. It looks so much better without the accumulation of toys etc:

3) New class

I spent several days organising my new classroom ahead of the children coming in this week its exciting having the power to do what I want with the space for the best teaching:

4) Parkrun

At a rather soggy parkrun last weekend I knocked 23 seconds off my previous time to send me back on track and in the right direction again. So pleased that my son was once again keen to help out by sorting the finish tokens:

5) My girl

We used the flood measure to prove that she really has sprouted upwards a long way over the last year! I received a super phone call from her new music teacher at school this week so here is hoping that year 8 is a fabulous year for her:

Let's hope all 3 of us have a great academic year!

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