Saturday 3 September 2016

#CountryKids with Single With Kids camping at Wicksteed Park #WhateverTheWeather

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Monkey and Mouse

Over the bank holiday we were down in Kettering on another Single With Kids camp. We had heard it was one of the best camps and so had been looking forward to it since booking in May! That may have had something to do with the fact that there is a small theme park on the site. After a horrendous bank holiday Friday drive we arrived to bright sunshine and pitched our tent in the rally field with the other families:

On the first night there were only about 30 families in the camp and most of us joined in the campfire fun after dark. This was my daughter topping the human pyramid:

Saturday morning dawned rather grey and with a rubbish forecast. We made sure everything was all secure before we set off to use our discounted wristbands in the theme park:

Here is a video of some of the fun we had:

The weather forecast kept the numbers of people down and being there when the gates opened meant we were first on the go karts. My son didn't fancy them so I just raced my daughter and some friends:

My son then asked to go on the Paratrooper so four us got on. I have to say I felt sick when I didn't look straight ahead... Then it was the rollercoaster for my daughter and I. At first I closed my eyes but I have been on bigger ones! Neither of my children fancied the log flume but I went on with our friends for a big splash...

The park has different zones so we then headed to lake section and a ride on the mono rail which you power by pedalling (blooming knackering...). It does have great views though:

For a laugh we then went on the car ride which was very sedate:

After a cooling drink we headed for the oldest ride in the park the Water Chute. It was a much more sedate version of the log flume. The kids enjoyed it so much they went back for seconds:

The kids then opted for a pedalo trip.... As there was only room for 4 and they needed an adult I went on with 3 children. Unfortunately only the children could steer and as they were no good at it we went round and round in circles for ages... This amused everyone on the shore but eventually the staff sent out a rescue boat:

We transferred to a row boat with me at the oars and had a whizz right around the boating lake. To recover we had a ride on the train which goes around the bottom of the park before walking up to the top part. Here we discovered a Meerkat experience where we could crawl through tunnels to see the meerkats sheltering from the rain:

With some rides suspended due to the rain we went in to the Astro Slide and whizzed down a bumpy slide on sacks. Quite exhilarating! We followed this up with a tree top walk with rope ladders etc inside safety nets. I was relieved to get off... Then despite thunder and lightening we opted for a round of crazy golf (I got 2 holes in one!):

There was a hope that the pirate ship would re-open after a pause in the rain but unfortunately the weather got worse again:

Instead we headed into laser extreme and because of our wristbands and a lack of customers we kept on being allowed to go around again. So much fun killing each other and random people. When we came out the storm had created awesome clouds:

With rides closing due to the weather we headed back to camp. A short while later a series of strong gusts of wind forced us to rescue our gazebo and all its contents (thank goodness plenty of other people helped!):

By the evening the rain stopped and we managed to BBQ tea before heading for more campfire fun including a sing song and marshmallows:

Sunday dawned bright and blue:

This time we headed into the theme park with just the three of us to try and do the rides we had missed on Saturday. This time the pirate ship was open but it made me feel nauseous! The kids even went on the clown coaster:

A return to the Astro Slide and Tree Top Walk was also on the cards for them:

My daughter then headed to the high adrenalin section of the park whilst my son and I went on the mono rail and the water shute:

Back at camp there was a chance to try out someone else's kite:

Lots of the boys were having a Nerf gun battle and my daughter decided to take them on with a water pistol:

After another fun evening (it helped it was someone's birthday) we awoke to even better weather on the Monday. It was a shame that lots of people had to go. Our tent was one of only 2 in our row but unlike my friend's it was too big for being picked up and moved:

Once our friends had left we had a last few rides with a few tickets. After feeling ill on the pirate ship on Sunday I left the kids to have a ride:

Next my daughter opted for canoeing which had a huge queue...

Meanwhile her brother had queued for the mono rail so they both had a good leg workout:

That night we went for a walk and took light up balloons to help keep track of the children:

My daughter also tried out her circus skills:

Unfortunately Tuesday was pack up day and we had to take everything down.... A strong wind dried off the dew quite nicely but my son needed to weight it down:

We had enough tickets left for my son to go on the pirate ship and he and I then went to look at the birds:

We will certainly be back next year but this time for an extra night to avoid the traffic..

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