Friday 17 June 2016

#CountryKids Single with Kids camp at Stourport on Severn

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Last weekend we took a drive of over 3 hours on the Friday night to Stourport on Severn for another camping weekend with Single with Kids. In the rain it took us a while to pitch everything but by 9:45 we were all set up:

We were then able to go over to the party tent for company and marshmallows around the fire:

There was a campsite noise curfew after 11 PM but the children were able to still have fun with glow sticks:

It was a pretty late night for all of us with chatting to old friends and making new ones. Eventually we all retired to our cosy tent for a good night's sleep. Not surprisingly in the morning my children slept in whilst I got up fairly early to check out the River Severn behind our tent:

It was lovely and peaceful drinking my coffee whilst waiting for the children to wake up! All too soon though it was time to cook the bacon:

We had a pretty chilled morning with the grown ups chatting whilst the children made the most of the rally field we were in on the campsite:

They were super surprised when an ice cream van made an appearance. He did pretty well out of us all:

After lunch the co-ordinators organised a walk into the town along the river bank. It was a bit like following the Pied Piper:

I had never been to Stourport before (as far as I know!) and I loved some of the sight such as the bridge across the river:

The children were more excited by seeing the amusement park! Of course this meant we had to find some money to go on some of the rides:

There were rides to suit all our tastes from fast to sedate:

Once we had used up all our tokens and eaten a snack we strolled along the river to the pub to sit in the beer garden of the Angel for a while. We had to cross over the canal to get there:

The children all played together nicely whilst the adults put the world to rights! Afterwards we strolled through town to pick up some essentials before heading back along the river to the camp:

Saturday night was the main social event of the weekend and we all congregated around the fire. First of all the children toasted marshmallows before we had a sing song. It is such a lovely, fun atmosphere:

After a very late night/early morning we were woken by the sound of rain on the tent! Not good when you need to pack up and go home:

It took a lot longer than normal to take it all down when we had to try and dry bits of it off as we collapsed it! Having the distraction of two cute dogs who came to say hello didn't help either:

Eventually though we had a car full of all the camping gear and lots of wet tent (it is dry at last!):

Now we have to wait until the bank holiday weekend for our next camping adventure with this group... It seems a long way away..

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