Sunday 19 June 2016

#CountryKids Preston Race For Life 10k

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Today I drove down to Preston so that my son and I could take part in the Race for Life 10k event - as children aren't supposed to run over 5k too often it was an opportunity for him to test out his stamina!

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My daughter brought her friend along to keep her company and assist in taking photos of the event in Avenham Park. We knew we were in the right place when we spotted all the pink:

Our arrival was timed to perfection as there weren't huge queues for the portaloos so we were very quickly ready to go:

The atmosphere at the events is always amazing with groups of friends and multi generational family groups. On the stage the local radio DJs so their best to ramp up the hype and remind us why we are all there:

There were talks from a cancer research nurse and a cancer survivor to remind us that we were there to raise money and not just for a run/walk! Then we were warmed up and the excitement levels ramped up:

We were then organised into starting groups: 10k, 5k runners, 5k joggers and 5k walkers before heading to the start line. Even there we still had a couple of Mexican waves to keep the momentum going. My son was so keen to do well he was right on the start line:

Then the klaxon sounded and we were off:

For the first 3k both races were on the same route. I wish I had been able to take a photograph of the pink snake as it ran, jogged and walked across the park. My son was already far ahead of me at this point as he is so much faster than me.... The extended part of the route took us through some cool woods but then the sun felt quite strong on the hilliest part of the course and I started to slow down...

Just before crossing back over the river we re-joined the 5k runners but then headed back out around the course again whilst they were on their way home... My daughter and her friend had taken a vantage point on the climbing frame to capture us as we were just passed the 5k mark:

By the time I passed them my son was about 1.5k ahead of me and was passing them on the other side:

By now the heat was really getting to me so despite the fact that my legs were OK I was a lot slower on the second half. My son was only slower from 7k in - not surprising when his normal max distance is 5k!

The girls dashed to the finish in time to capture my son's sprint finish (passing some 5k ladies) in an amazing 53 minutes:

It is an impressive run for a 9 year old:

Meanwhile I was getting slower and slower and not liking the last 1.5k up through the formal gardens! For the last section I spotted my daughter with the camera and managed a decent enough run for a flying feet photo (even if the face is dodgy!):

The girls then ran with me down the finish straight to help me look respectable as I crossed the line in a slow for me time of 1 hour 14. 

A great achievement for my son and I didn't do to badly seeing as my training has consisted of boozy weekends away! We were both very pleased with ourselves:

The girls both wished they had done the 5k event so next year they are going to organise a team so we can all do the same race together. It will be nice to run over this bridge again:

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