Thursday 23 June 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: Caterpillars, Roses and Odd Socks #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful

It was great to read so many happy posts again and welcome some new linkers, hopefully some regulars will be back this week if their lives aren't so crazy! Here are my reasons this week:

1) Garden Surprises

Whilst weeding the garden I discovered that we had lots of Cinnabar moth caterpillars on the ragwort. Of course this means I daren't remove all of this invasive and poisonous plant but the moths are worth saving:

2) Roses

These are one of my favourite flowers and at the moment they are just looking stunning everywhere. This is one that belongs to a neighbour:

3) Team Work

Following on the back of getting our downstairs sorted I am getting my children on board to do a lot more to help keep it that way. It was good to see them working together to sort our never-ending odd sock basket (even if it cost me 10p a pair!)"

4) Proud Mum

I've already blogged about our Race for Life on Sunday it made me proud for two reasons:

  1.  my 9 year old running 10 k in 53 minutes
  2. my 12 year old taking fabulous photos like this one (can you tell I was happy to have nearly finished?):

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