Thursday 18 December 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: It's the end of term! #R2BC

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Thanks once again to Jo for hosting the linky for December. Hopefully people will find plenty of reasons to be cheerful in this festive season! I am actually on the right day this week:

1) Teaching

Got my formal report and in every area I have improved and in most have moved up a grade which is great to know. I have plenty to work on in January with my new keystage but ended on a good note. Lots of lovely cards and pressies from the children with I think 4 variations on the spelling of my surname... Best comment:
Thank you for teaching us about Islam I've really enjoyed it.
I have agreed to run a French club next half term which is really exciting too.

2) Christmas Service

Term ended on a beautiful note with the Christmas service at church. It was very traditional and included solo singing, musical instruments and readings. Obviously I can't share photos of the actual event so you will have to make do with the beautiful advent ring:

3) The Hobbit

We are big Tolkien fans in this house so just had to see the latest and last Hobbit on the first weekend it was out! A family vote meant that we saw the 3D version and we were all dead excited waiting to get in:

It was amazing piece of cinema with scary bits, great fight scenes and reasons to cry! Wonder what Peter Jackson will do next...


  1. Well done on your teaching, your enthusiasm shines through. Not a hobbit fan here I'm afraid, not seen any of the films x

  2. Looking for Blue Sky19 December 2014 at 21:35

    Great news about the teaching and we had a family trip to see the Hobbit too!

  3. its a marmite thing! thank you :-)

  4. its nice having kids old enough to take with me

  5. Becky you seem to be really excelling at this teaching malarkey! Well done you, I'm sure you'll make a great teacher x


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