Thursday 4 December 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: Feeling festive #R2BC

Ojos World

Thank you Jo for hosting the linky for December. Hopefully people will find plenty of reasons to be cheerful in this festive season! Here are mine for this week:

1) Teaching

Things are starting to come together with my teaching now. Its hard to get it alright every time with planning an effective lesson for pupils to learn with good differentiation whist being creative! I don't get it all right all the time but things are improving and I am certainly improving on making my lessons exciting and different.. I managed to combine World War Two with gymnastics this week..

My best subject so far is French and I am looking forward to teaching the little ones next term. I was even told that I sounded French by a child who is half French themselves! 

2) Christmas Plays

My children are both rehearsing hard for their production next week whilst I am doing my bit to help at my school. So much work behind the scenes to create props and today I helped to paint the backdrop:

3) Family Fun

Its all a bit manic at the moment but we all had a great time at a disco in Staveley on Friday night. My daughter was invited by her friend and we all went along! There was a table of parents so I got plenty of adult conversation, my daughter danced the night away and my son was mucking about with the younger boys:


  1. Looking for Blue Sky5 December 2014 at 08:49

    The family disco sounds like great fun for teens in a safe environment: I think we need more of them!

  2. I love the idea of a family disco; must look to see if they have things like that around these parts!

  3. Ooh a disco AND grown up conversation. That's definitely a reason to be cheerful! Xx

  4. I'm so glad your teacher training is going well. Its hard work, but so worth it :) x


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