Monday 14 April 2014

Review: Go Ape Junior at Grizedale

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Today saw the opening of Go Ape Junior at Grizedale and we were amongst those lucky enough to be invited along to try it out! Having experienced the full Go Ape at Whinlatter my daughter and I were keen to try out another course. I hoped that my 7 year old would try it out but his fear of heights was too much. So it was only the 2 of us that headed up to the new course to give it a go:

Go Ape Junior Grizedale

It looked like a giant tree house! As you would expect safety is paramount and before we were allowed to ascend. Unlike the full course you are permanently attached to the safety line and it only comes off once you are back on the ground:

Go Ape Junior safety line

This means that children over 6 can go on their own if they are brave enough. Otherwise grown ups can supervise them (think in our case my daughter looked after me!). The first level is the lowest one and you can just stick to this one if you don't want to go higher. It has a variety of different challenges to get over to complete the course. Some of these are easier than others:

Go Ape Junior Grizedale

It was interesting that my daughter and I found different ones to be easier or harder! I learnt the hard way to make sure I was holding ropes from inside not outside as it made it impossible to move... oops. The main thing was not to look down.. My daughter certainly enjoyed herself:

enjoying Go Ape Junior Grizedale

Once we had gone back to ground on the zip wire (needs a big step for grown ups) we were given a chance to go to the next level. This in fact involved 2 different heights of walkways and for some people may be a step too far. My daughter whizzed around really fast and I only caught up with her when she was forced to queue on a platform:

Cheeky monkey on Go Ape Junior Grizedale

I was content with 2 goes round but my daughter made the most of the fact you get an hour on the structure to go a third time! Here is a YouTube video of our experience:

If you want some energetic, outdoor fun for the family then this certainly fits the bill. At £17 a head its not cheap but I think as a big treat then its worth paying for. My son has said he will have a go nearer to his 8th birthday!

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