Saturday 26 April 2014

Langdale St George's 10 km

Yay I managed to survive my first 10 km post injury in January! It wasn't my best ever and it wasn't all that fun but I did it:

With a severe lack of training it wasn't surprising that I struggled to get through all the 10 km and had to walk more than I did in December! I did make the mistake at the start of getting carried away by the faster runners and I managed a couple of sub 6 minute kilometres. These were way under my previous best speed but I then had not enough juice in the tank for the other 6 km:

I managed to cross the line at a good speed with a grin on my face (it helped that I knew I wasn't last!). It was good to celebrate with my son who had done the fun run earlier:

So now I have two areas to work on in training:

  1. get my stamina back up so I can keep going for a full 5 km without needing to walk
  2. get my basic pace up so that I can consistently run sub 6 minute kilometres
This means I will have to go on two different style training runs for now. One nice and steady and one with some faster sections! Hopefully the combination will work on improving my fitness and so help me reach my goals.

The next event is a 5.7 km Grasmere Gallop which I am running with my 7 year old. I have low target to beat from last year of 41 minutes and 19 seconds. Hopefully with more training I will be able to reduce this by a long way as I run 5 km in about 35 minutes or less at the moment..

If anyone has any training tips then please let me know!

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