Wednesday 30 April 2014

#3dates3mths Flirting with Fitness

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After my failure to get a date on my photography course I turned to my other big pastime to search for a potential soul mate. This of course is fitness! The rationale being that if someone was working out in the gym then they were looking after themselves and a good potential date.

So how does the local gym meet up with my search for love? Well I can either workout mid morning or go before tea time. It turns out that the gym at this time of day doesn't have too much potential date material... 

  • most of the other gym bunnies were female
  • morning gym men were mostly old enough to be my dad or grandfather
  • afternoon the males were mostly 6th former or college students and I was old enough to be their mother!

Yes they were a friendly bunch who weren't repulsed by my hot, sweaty self in lyrca and made passing conversation but just not what I am looking for...

I have also started doing some running races so maybe these might be a better place to find a date? Up in Langdale on Saturday there was time to chat to plenty of people who were mostly very friendly. It's a very sociable activity and the age range is much more varied.

Think I will need to improve how I look in my running gear (my race photo wasn't too flattering!) but I may have more chance of finding an eligible man on the running circuit than in the gym. So I haven't given up hope just yet of successfully combining fitness with flirting but its going to be a work in progress.

Thanks Just Singles for putting me up for this challenge just sorry to say that I have failed - for now! 

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