Monday 28 April 2014

Review: 4M Green Science - Soda Can Robug

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My daughter is a budding scientist so we were very pleased to be sent a Soda Can Robug to review:

Soda Can Robug

She managed to almost entirely put it together on her own. I was needed to ensure that all the screws were tightly enough fastened. The little motor goes underneath an empty soda can:

Soda Can Robug motor

And the battery pack goes on the top:

soda can robug top view

The legs are quite spindly and we managed to bend them out of shape slightly (hence the apple to hold up the bug for the photo!). It works best on a wooden or stone floor - on a carpet or rug the legs get caught up. If you don't tighten up the screws enough the vibration of the motor sends the can out of the rings... Lesson learnt we managed to get it to trundle across the floor.

It is pretty noisy for a little gadget! I have failed miserably to video it in action I am afraid. It is a fun challenge for a junior school child to put together with a little adult help. Do watch out for the spindly legs though and get those screws as tight as possible.

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  1. Emma The Mini Mes and Me29 April 2014 at 13:16

    Sounds like an interesting little project - great for encourage kids to get involved with science and engineering x


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