Wednesday 12 February 2014

Workout Wednesday: February 12th 2014 A Walk/Run around Craggy

So relieved I've finally had a workout after my hamstring injury. It was so frustrating having to wait for my leg to be up to up to exercise... Therefore I donned my running kit and after fuelling up on flapjack at the coffee morning I set off to do a long warm up around Craggy. It was beautiful as I crossed over Barley Bridge:

Barley Weir, Staveley, Cumbria

It's a good climb up the hill on the road so it was a good place to test out my leg without over doing it. I was very lucky that the sun was shining when I got to the top:

fells behind Staveley, Cumbria

The top though not flat was a good place to try out the leg as the walk hadn't felt bad:

It felt great to be running albeit not fast! Going down the far side felt really smooth and it was good to see a few fellow runners heading the other way. After about 4 km I came back down to the river behind Wilf's at the Wood Turning Weir:

So no records broken but I proved my leg was OK. I have been sensible and not run today but I will see what I can do on Friday morning (just hope the weather is kind!).

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