Friday 21 February 2014

Review: Nothing But and Fru Snax

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If you like me you are trying to lose weight then coming across healthy snacks is a bonus. There are some new ones coming onto the market and I was lucky enough to be asked to try Nothing But and Fru Snax. The idea is that vegetables and fruit have been freeze dried to preserve them and have had nothing added.

First up Nothing But:

Nothing But Mange Tout and Red Pepper

The first packet of these I munched on and wasn't too impressed as they just tasted a bit like cardboard. The second one I sucked a bit first and it added moisture and they had a lot more flavour and texture. 

OK I have to confess I hate beetroot so I had to tip out the contents to get to the parsnip!

I definitely preferred the parsnip to the mangetout one. Obviously I have no idea what the beetroot bit tasted like and my children refused to try it for me!

Now for the Fru Snaxs:

Not sure I had eaten figs before trying these but they looked pretty tempting in the packet:

Having read the melts bit on the packet I let them dissolve in my mouth. They were very nice as they melted on my tongue. So the next day I tried the peach version:

Despite not being a big fan of peaches these were actually my favourite ones:

I think I am more likely to buy the Fruit versions than the Vegetable ones once they are released for sale. It's great to have an alternative healthy snack range for on the go though.

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