Monday 10 February 2014

A trip down memory lane

Being forced to hunt out my school exam certificates sent me to my parents' garage this weekend to go through some of the many storage boxes of stuff! These have been filling their lovely double garage since I moved north 3.5 years ago... So about time I looked in them. 

It was a case of going through them one at a time... Whilst doing so I did manage to throw some bits and pieces away! Eventually on the third box result:

It's funny that I've never needed them since 1987 and 1989 respectively! Just so glad I did't lose them as it costs a fortune to get replacements...

On the way to finding these I came across a real memory mine..

Holiday souvenirs such as these totally non-PC American "Indian" items from the Grand Canyon in 1979

American indian tourist souvenirs c1979

Lots of school related memories including school reports, photos and my Beaconsfield High School scarf:

Beaconsfield High School scarf 1983

Several souvenir newspapers showing my love of history, monarchy and weather (I did a geography degree!):

Newspaper explanation great storm 1987

And of course memories of my own children as babies:

hand knitted baby bonnet

And my daughter's first photo shoot aged 3 months:

3 month old baby girl laughing

Looking forward to having a second look through as I sort it more thoroughly at my house so that things are easier to find in future! Do you have a treasure of memories like this?



  1. I wish I had kept my school certificates - did you read my post about being disqualified? Nothing like a trip down memory garage. My parents moved from the house into a flat during the years I was undergoing IVF and so I couldn't travel to stop them throwing out all sorts of stuff we should have kept. Oh well. I now have one cupboard of nostalgia rather than a garage.

  2. uh oh :-( think I am lucky not to have lost mine!

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona)15 February 2014 at 15:40

    Wonderful treasures. I think I may have thrown away my certificates unless my Mum still has them somewhere.

  4. Oh I love going through old things for the memories! Could lose hours like that :) over from AutismMumma x

  5. Aww what fantastic finds, the baby picture of your daughter is so cute and that headress is amazing! Thanks for linking up x


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