Thursday 27 February 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful week 9 - 2014 #R2BC

Ojos World

The lovely Jo at Ojosworld has been a super host this month and will be handing the reins back to me for March! I really hope lots of you will continue to join in and share your happy thoughts. For this week I am just joining in with everyone else! 

This week its a complete Proud Mummy edition as we had parents' evening at school tonight:

1) My boy

At his Beaver meeting this week he wrote at lovely prayer as part of his Faith badge:

A prayer written by a 7 year old boy

 I love the mix of thinking of others and himself! He came home at the end of the meeting with a haul of 5 badges that he earned before half term:

Beaver Scout badges

He is now 2/3 of way towards Chief Scout bronze award after only 13 months as fully fledged Beaver!

As for school he is doing really well. He is a keen reader (even reading on the way into school this morning):

young boy reading

At parents' evening it was great to hear that he is officially 18 months ahead in reading, 6 months for writing and a super star at maths. Just needs to let his brain and hand keep up with each other and not rush!

2) My daughter

She was helping me help at her brother's Beavers this week. It was lovely to watch how patient she was with the youngest children in helping them with their prayer. This was her helping model the Goldilocks mask the Beavers made before half term:

She has been working very hard on completing her half term homework on the SS Great Britain with writing up lots of facts about her launch. It was another great parents' evening for her. Apparently she is so much more settled and focussed now and her teacher loves her quirkiness and willingness to act out scenarios when requested. 

Finally she is putting her workings out down in her maths which a) helps reduce silly mistakes b) is enabling her to reach her full potential which is well above that expected for a child at primary. In 3 months her reading age has leapt up 6 months showing how much she is enjoying it. Her writing is already at the level for a year above she needs to think before putting pencil to paper as her ideas or so complex she confuses herself! The one that stunned me was that her spelling age is 14!!! 

So proud of both my children this week even if at times they drive me around the bend ;-)


  1. I love the thank you for Wii games ;) Good Luck with all that sewing - just done a badges stint myself! x

  2. How fantastic is that badge hawl!? Well done to your children, your pride us shining through in this post xx

  3. Lots to be very proud of there. Loved getting badges when a brownie. Your children seem bright and I think that there is often a connection between that and rushing writing or not putting workings out down.

  4. The explorer's mum!28 February 2014 at 15:55

    I love reading people's running posts - it makes me feel lazy which might (eventually) motivate me to get moving more!

  5. Proud mummy indeed, well done. Mich x

  6. Looking for Blue Sky28 February 2014 at 19:06

    It's lovely to be able to be so proud of your children, and the warm glow of motherly pride just leaps out of this post, wonderful :) x

  7. got all of them on before bed on the night!

  8. they love their badges :-) when they have driven me mad I need to focus on the good stuff!

  9. my school report was very similar to my daughter's ;-)

  10. just glad they are doing so well :-)

  11. You must indeed, big pat on the back xx

  12. ;D the house was a bit too small on reflection so it all worked out for the best in the end.


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