Tuesday 4 February 2014

Bye bye old banger...

Today I waved off my old car as it was driven off to be scrapped:

It was an emergency buy about 2 years ago when I thought I needed just a temporary vehicle until my poorly Skoda was fixed. Instead my Skoda ended up being scrapped in April 2012:

So I was left with a car that was far smaller than I was used to but no way of affording something better as I'd only just started a part time job. 

Roll forward until last month and my car was now 17 years old and increasingly noisy. Then disaster it failed its MOT so badly that it was beyond economical repair.. I had visions of going back to being carless and unable to get about our daily lives.

To get me through I hired myself a car from our local Enterprise car dealer and treated myself to a slightly bigger car for a little bit extra:

It's been fun being a boy racer in a 2.0 litre turbo diesel Astra but its not a practical family car and way out of my price range. But it gave my dad time to track down a much more sensible and reasonably priced Citroen Picasso:

It looks a lot younger than its 7 years as its obviously been well looked after. So now I hope that I can get this one to stay on the road for many years to come as I don't wish to car shop again!


  1. Funnily enough, we are scrapping our picasso and buying a 2ltr laguna lol. There are more of us, to be fair xx

  2. When there were 6 of us I had a galaxy! For 3 Picasso perfect plus room for my parents sometimes too :-)

  3. Oh I love these little cars! I really need to get me one. Is Skoda a good brand? I never heard of it before moving to the UK?!

  4. We have a picasso and the room in it is amazing. the fact that it keeps blummin breaking, not so much though. hope you have much more luck with yours :)

  5. The explorer's mum!10 February 2014 at 13:47

    I'm rubbish with cars, I really am! All I know is that I really should get mine serviced! Hope you have lots of luck with this one :)


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