Tuesday 14 August 2012

Tuesday Review: Mic-O-Mic Scooter

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I was sent a Mic-O-Mic scooter to construct with my children from Play Merrily Toys. These are brightly coloured construction toys aimed at ages 5 and up. I was warned that they require patience and dexterity that my 5 year old might not possess! This turned out to be true... However between myself and my 8 year old daughter we managed to build it.

The kit comes complete with everything you need including a few spare connectors and fasteners just in case.

The instructions are very basic which at first I thought wasn't very useful. However the construction is pretty simple so the instructions were actually enough:

This was a good toy to construct together as a team. I described the part required, my 5 year old found it and my 8 year old constructed it:

Construction is very simple as you either press bits together or use the connectors and little bolts that push in. Part of the kit that you construct when you start is a little gadget for pushing the bolts in. This helped apply the required extra pressure required for some parts.

It was very satisfying completing the construction:

My son was very pleased with his new scooter and was very keen to show it to his friends. It didn't stand up to rough handling but when treated nicely it looks great.

This particular model isn't currently available on the site but would be about £7.46. We have also been sent a small lorry to construct but as yet haven't had a chance to do that one.

A fun project to do alongside your child and we all enjoyed doing it together.

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