Monday 13 August 2012

Monday Review: Blingles Bling Studio

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My daughter was sent a Blingles Bling Studio for her to create from bling for her favourite things. It was a very neat little kit with everything going together in a special container:

The instructions were very clear as to how to set up everything to create your bling. A template is selected and put under the special rubber screen then a clever little tool is used to apply the right coloured sparkles on the template:

This required plenty of concentration but my daughter was totally absorbed:

Once the design is finished a cover is put on before it is applied to the glue paper. Once it is sticky the bling is applied to the item of choice. In this case her iPod:

At this point we were joined by our neighbour who is aged 30. She had a lovely time creating more bling with my daughter and would have been quite happy having a kit of her own!

The studio is available from retailers such as Argos for around £19.99. It would make a great birthday or Christmas present for the tween in your life. It is aimed at 6+ and my 8 year old certainly loves it.

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