Monday 20 August 2012

Monday Review: ZhuZhu Ponies

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My daughter was very pleased to be sent a ZhuZhu Ponies Gable Stable Playset and a Pony to review. They are officially available from today in leading toy stores. She was sent Indiana as one of the 6 available:

Like all previous ZhuZhu creatures when switched on the pony runs around making a range of noises. When it encounters an obstacle it changes direction. It was very cute to watch and listen to. The pony can also be groomed as it has a long tail and mane.

The stable provides an enclosure for the pony to roam in and also some delicacies to tempt its appetite including ice creams and an apples:

My daughter has spent quite a lot of time playing with the set and it's also entertained a few grown ups. The ponies retail for around £14.99 which makes them present level as opposed to pocket money but they would appeal to most girls 4-9. The stables are the same price so you could easily make a great combined gift without breaking the bank.

Definitely one of my favourite ZhuZhu characters so far!

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