Saturday 4 August 2012

Not just the sport

Yes the sport is fantastic during this Olympics and we are racking up the medals but it's not just that that will stick in my memory after visiting London this week.

There are so many happy people in the city many decked out in their national colours:

There are lots of police everywhere but luckily they are able to concentrate on PR rather than dealing with problems. My children certainly enjoyed their conversation with West Midlands police officers in Trafalgar Square:

So much of London has been decked out for the games and their are art installations in all sorts of places celebrating London 2012:

The statues of Trafalgar Square are sporting hats:
Around Westminster Abbey there are some beautiful gymnasts:

And the house of flags in front of the Houses of Parliament has the flags of all the Olympic nations:

So if you can get to London but not an event then go soak up the atmosphere!

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  1. I was lucky enough to be in Trafalgar Square this week on Olympic duty. It was one of the best shifts I've done in 19 years service. Not one negative comment. Everybody was pleased to see us. Loads of photos. Loads of smiles. 

    Days like that make the job worthwhile. 

    By the way, I searched Google to see if there were any pictures like those in the blog and yours were the first I came across. Glad the kids enjoyed it - probably as much as the officers did. I've tweeted a link to the blog page so everyone can share the positives.


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