Wednesday 29 August 2012

Wednesday Review: Schleich Bayala Elves

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We were sent a set of the new Bayala Elves and mystical character from Schleich for my daughter to review. They are aimed at girls aged 4-8 so perfect for her. We have previously enjoyed several Schleich models and these lived up to their expected standards of detail and quality.

These are the characters we were sent:

Magnolia Elf (around £5)

The magnolia elf loves dancing across the lovely summer meadows with their wonderful blossoms. She knows every flower in the meadow and forest. She likes to gather them up into beautiful bouquets. Her soft wings gleam in the sunlight when she flies around her flower house.

Feya (from £2.40)

When she laughs, the whole world beams around her. The flowers bend their blossoms towards her and the birds excitedly sing their loveliest songs. When, with her best friend, the proud princess Eyela, she flies across the sun-drenched expanses of their realm, the pair appear more graceful than the loveliest butterflies. Feya’s golden hair and pink dress merge in flight with her wonderful laughter. When she strolls across the meadows in front of House Summergreen, she captures the hearts of all.

A Magical Asian Being (from £7.99)

The world of Bayala is full of magical and mysterious creatures. The magical Asian being can only be seen on clear, moonlit nights in the white forests of the Dragon Mountains. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, it shows itself to the elf children. Just how it gets to the elves' meadows unseen will likely remain a mystery for ever.

She instantly loved them and she and her brother were inspired to build a magical forest for the characters to play in:

This gave a real outlet for imaginative play.

It was great that it allowed them to use their creative skills to make the little fantasy world using a surplus floorboard and nature items they collected on a walk.

If you look closely the elves appear very lifelike when seen through the various plants!

These three are just a small part of the fantasy world of Bayala that a child could easily build up saving up their pocket money or as presents. Definitely a hit in our house and I'm sure they will be asking for new additions to the collection for birthday and Christmas.

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