Thursday 26 July 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful with letter I ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Well it's the school holidays so plenty of reasons to be cheerful!

1) I am a Proud Mummy

My 8 year old swam several lengths of the local pool which is the first time she has ever done it. A real landmark achievement and I hope she builds on this and keeps up the swimming. My 5 yo did a quarter length and I'm sure he will get further by the end of the holidays.

2) Insect Paradise

I went with a friend and her boys to Roanhead at Furness yesterday. Having seen no butterflies or moths most of this wet summer it was a delight to see so many enjoying the nature reserve.

3) Infitessimal taste of summer

We felt like it was summer yesterday with our day on the beach. The boys got to skinny dip and I got a slight tan. What is it about a nice beach day that says summer?

4) Inside

This is my son's idea for an I! There has been some major tidying up in kids' rooms and in fact most rooms looking better. Though looking round my front room right now it looks wrecked!!

Michelle is having a well earned summer break so several of us regulars are standing in for her! So next week (2nd August) look over to Seasider in the City for the bloghop!


  1. You've been having a lovely time by the sounds of things - those photos are just wonderful! 

  2. Lovely pictures. Well done to your little people swimming! :) x

  3. Your photo of the butterfly at the nature reserve is superb.  Sounds like you are having a lovely summer.


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