Tuesday 17 July 2012

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It's been a while since I wrote about this project but it doesn't mean I haven't been working on it! They have given us quite a range of tasks recently.

1) Password Strength

We were asked to test how good our passwords were using their Password Strength Tester I was pleased that one of my passwords scored well on this. It did make me realise how weak some of my other ones were though...

If remembering lots of complicated passwords is not your forte (and admit it we know we shouldn't use the same password everywhere but we do!) then they have a tool to help called Direct Pass to do the remembering for you. Once installed on your iPad or PC you only need to login using the one password and it stores all your other ones for you. It will also auto generate complex passwords for any web site you use. Great if you want to be extra secure online, you just have to remember to use the app and not your normal browser.

2) Spring Cleaning

Like many people I am very bad at housekeeping my files on my laptop so it was great to be challenged to spring clean. I still have a long way to go but I deleted 1000s of old e-mails and unsubscribed from some lists that just clutter up my inbox. I need to do this more often as I have too many e-mails coming in to keep on top of. I may well need to set aside a regular time a week to just sort them out!

I also looked at the number of duplicate files on the laptop. Shockingly I deleted 9Gb of files!  No wonder my laptop was creaking and groaning and complaining about space issues. Ideally I could do with backing up my entire hard drive to an external drive and then only putting back the files I need - not sure that I will ever get that organised!

Looking forward to whatever challenges this project throws at us next as it is really making me assess the way I use IT and how to do it better...

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