Monday 9 July 2012

How does my garden grow?

Being totally non green fingered it surprises me that anything ever survives in my garden! Every so often I have to get my mum round to rescue things.... Just at the minute things are looking great. I have a little apple tree bearing mini apples:

Hope they taste as nice as they did last autumn!
Then there is a rose bush with plenty of buds and a couple of open red flowers:
Another rose bush just has this single gorgeous white flower on it:
The first roses to open were the more unusual purple ones:
Underneath the sycamore tree we have a lovely wild corner which the foxgloves have taken over:
It amazing how tall that big one has got. One of its fellows has been knocked down and is now growing horizontally!

Unfortunately all the marigolds were consumed by slugs or snails so I'm waiting to see if the wild flower seeds come up trumps. Glad I didn't put in sunflowers this year or they would have been battered to pieces.

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  1. Hertfordshire Mummy10 July 2012 at 12:54

    Your garden looks great! Unfortunately our veggies are not doing very well this year. The wet weather hasn't helped and we have a pesky slug which has eaten our first courgettes and strawberries!


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