Thursday 15 March 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful XXXVII ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's a mixed week this week as we are all tired from adjusting to me working but here is what is making me smile:

1) Work

I have really enjoyed being out at work after 2 years self employed at home. Being in a busy school is far from boring and I'm meeting lots of new people - the majority of whom are very friendly! Yes it's tiring whilst I get used to the 4 hours on my feet and fitting in everything else around it but I'm sure that both the children and I will get used to it!

2) Signs of Spring

Looking around everywhere the flowers are starting to appear all over. It always puts a smile on my face to see such signs of new life and lambs in the fields.

3) My son

He is continuing to do well at school and I get great reports of him being good at after school club. He came home this week a certificate for Level 1 of the Computing driving licence - maybe he will follow in my footsteps! He is trying to do his best at swimming to get his next badge even though he hates putting his ears in the water on his back and is scared of being out of his depth. 

4) My daughter

She seems to be improving this week as she is finally sleeping properly which has made her less cranky. After not wanting to go on a school trip last week when it came round to it today she was up at 6 to make sure she had made her own packed lunch and was ready for an early departure. She also went to cubs for the first time in weeks and now she knows they go camping she is keen to carry on!

5) Digital Joneses Project

We are so lucky to be one of only 10 families selected to take part in this project. To help us complete tasks over the next year we have been sent a shiny new iPad 2 - just have to fight with my children over who's turn it is!


  1. Sounds like the whole family has had a good week.

  2. Well done on the job front. Have to agree with you on the daffodils too. Brighten my day everytime I step outside my front door

  3. Well done on being a Digital Jones!! How lovely to get an iPad!!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your job and your children are doing well. I too love spring.

  5. It must be lovely being out and about, I am self employed and work from home and after a year am beginning to feel the isolation. Your son sounds like he is doing really well and your daughter x

  6. Great reasons this week. Although I complain sometimes about work, it is so good to get to it really. Glad you are enjoying yours.


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