Wednesday 14 March 2012

Toy Review: Build-A-Bear Workshop® Fun Packs with Furry Friends

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We were sent one of the 12 new Friendship Heart Series in an all new miniature format. 

Each fun-pack (£5.99) comes with:
  • Mini Furry Friend
  • Heart and Ceremony
  • Shirt
  • Fabric Sticker Set
  • Trading Cards
  • Collector’s Guide with Activities, Online Code (that allows you access to special interactive content at™) and Owner’s Certificate

My daughter was so keen to try this out that she disappeared off and ripped open the packaging and did everything before I had time to photograph her doing it so I've had to perform heart surgery to show you the start:

The instructions come with a ceremony to perform with the heart before it is inserted into the hole in the back of the teddy:

The bear has a plain white t-shirt for your child to decorate with the fabric stickers. For some reason my daughter has decided not to do this so her bear is still in the plain one:

Each of the bears in the series has a different colour fur and heart which symbolises a different feeling. At an RRP of £5.99 they are a reasonable price for a party bag or for a child to save up their pocket money for. It would make a healthy alternative to an Easter Egg too.

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