Friday 9 March 2012

#FictionFridays: The Land of the Painted Caves

The band of travellers walked along the path between the clear sparkling water of Grass River and the black-streaked white limestone cliff, following the trail that paralleled the right bank.



  1. Read this on kindle few months ago, i love the series but didn't enjoy this book quiet as much as the rest. I thought it was more repetative, going over things that had already been written in the previous books. But then i can see that sonce they are big books and the series is very detailsed it is easy for the reader to sometimes forget bits of it. I ama lover of this series so have read them all a few times over.
    Still depsite this i still really liked this book.

  2. I skip the mother's song after first read! good reminder as long gap after last one but too much reptetition,,


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