Tuesday 6 March 2012

E.ON Innovation

As a mum on a budget with a concern for the environment I am loving this idea from E.ON. I must get my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with some ideas myself! 

This month E.ON launches a crowdsourcing project called E.ON Innovation to find the next generation of energy products and services. This online community is open to the UK public and will feature five challenges to coincide with episodes of the new Channel 4 Show Home of the Future, which is co-funded by E.ON.

The first innovation challenge is on the theme of rest and asks participants to come up with an answer to: how could the home ‘learn’ about your energy use in order to create a more restful environment?

For example, your home could help you to relax using controls for lighting, temperature and air quality e.g. humidity, temperature, filtration, fragrancing and ventilation. You could customise energy use in the home to suit you and lower the bills too. The home could even have different energy zones.

About E.ON Innovation...
  • E.ON Innovation is an online innovation community for ideas creation encouraging the UK public to come together to design the next big energy idea.
  • E.ON Innovation is open to UK people aged 18 or over and excludes residents of the Channel Islands.
  • Over the coming weeks, there will be five different challenges launched, based on the themes of rest, work, play, food and wellbeing.
  • The best submission from each challenge will win a home energy makeover worth up to £2,000, and one of the five winners will be selected to receive the ‘Shining Star’ award, which increases the prize to a home energy makeover worth up to £10,000.
  • The top ideas will be transformed into reality and taken into production by E.ON, subject to research and development and a commercial assessment of the products/services.
  • E.ON is inviting people to get creative and take part by submitting their ideas for new products and services at www.eon-innovation.com before 9th April 2012.
  • The five challenges are based on those featured in the new Channel 4 series ‘Home of the Future’ which is co-funded by E.ON and transforms the lives of a Sheffield family, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology and gadgets.
  • Anyone looking for inspiration for their ideas should tune in to ‘Home of the Future’ on Sunday nights on Channel 4.
You can follow the conversation about this project by following E.ON on Twitter (@talkingenergy) and looking out for the hashtag #eoninnov.

Taking part is quick and easy and there are three ways in which you can get involved:
  • Submit ideas: If you have an idea, big or small, see it transformed into a reality and get rewarded for it too.
  • Comment: Help others develop their ideas by commenting on their submissions and co-creating to develop even better ideas.
  • Vote: Have your say on which ideas you like the most and which ones you think should be delivered with E.ON.

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