Wednesday 21 March 2012

Recipe for a bad morning..

You know one of those mornings you would just like to erase from history?

  1. son wakes me up early for snuggles
  2. daughter gets up and dressed early and goes to watch TV
  3. son goes down in PJs to join sister
  4. ask son to get dressed as head for shower
  5. ask son to get dressed as get out of shower
  6. start getting dressed and neighbour pops round as run out of milk
  7. get milk for neighbour and hand son his uniform to get dressed
  8. finish getting dressed
  9. ask son to get dresses as head for kitchen to make breakfast
  10. hand children breakfast and shouted at fot "too much toast, not enough butter"
  11. ask son to get dressed as go to fetch butter
  12. give daughter butter, as she spreads it plate flips onto floor "Its all your fault mummy"
  13. rescue toast, as she spreads butter it plate flips onto floor and she runs off screaming
  14. ask son to get dressed
  15. tip toast in bin, toss plastic Disney princess plate into sink and it shatters on impact
  16. "I hate you mummy"
  17. ask son to get dressed
  18. daughter rings grandparents to tell them what a horrid mum I am
  19. get son dressed
  20. put mug on table and knock glass on floor smashing it
  21. get kids into car for school run 5 minutes late
  22. daughter refuses to put on seatbelt
  23. 8:40 daughter tells me she was supposed to have had a packed lunch for school trip
  24. car does its stalling thing 4 times on way to school
  25. park near school and daughter refuses to get out car until threatened with me telling class teacher
  26. as we get to school gates we hear bell for registration
  27. almost have to drag daughter into school
  28. get home and get called about packed lunch... they are going to buy her something from Spar...
Grab a coffee and breathe...

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  1. Ohh why oh why do they do this to us before school? I fully sympathise. Mich x


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