Monday 26 September 2011

The Secret Life of a Laundry Basket

Back when I first moved into my own flat in the late 1990s I invested in a pretty bog standard plastic laundry basket to transport my washing from the 1st floor to the outside washing line. For several years this was its sole purpose in life.... 

Then my life changed and I became a step-mother and then a mother and things were very different. With 6 of us in the house the never ending laundry meant that I invested in a couple of different laundry baskets to cope. My original bog standard laundry basket often ended up performing other tasks instead of being used for carrying laundry in:

Collecting stray items to return them

A carriage for Barbies

A comfortable seat

A cage for dinosaurs

What alternative missions has your laundry basket been used for? 

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  1. My 2 oldest daughters quite frequently put Baby T in our laundry basket - see here Hx


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