Tuesday 27 September 2011

Zumba with Caytie

I was quite excited when my Rosemary Conley instructor Caytie announced she would be doing Zumba classes from early summer. Unfortunately none of them were at a time I could go until she started a brand new daytime class last week. Having done Zumba on the Wii at home I knew it was a fantastic workout and was keen to try a class out. 

There was a mix bunch of ages at her first class from 20s up to probably 60s and most had never been to a Zumba class before. We were told to go at our pace and to drink plenty of water between the tracks. It was an easy aerobic warm up to get our muscles stretched and heart rates up with a funky salsa style routine to get us all ready to go.

The main bit of the class has 6 Zumba tracks and they are pretty fast and furious. We had a mix of salsa, mambo, reggae, Bollywood and swing tunes to workout too. As most of us are new to it all there was plenty of laughter as we ended facing in the wrong or getting our steps wrong. 

By the end of the 6 tracks we had had a really good workout and were very hot and sweaty. Apparently in a 45 minute session you can burn off 600-800 calories and it certainly felt like it! If you've no idea what Zumba is all about then check out this video guide to the basic steps:

If you fancy having a go yourself then Caytie offers a first class for free! So check out one of her Zumba sessions and party yourself slim:
  • Monday 7-7:45 PM at St Mary's Infant School, Bowness on Windermere
  • Tuesday 9:30-10:20 at Kendal Parish Hall
  • Wednesday 7-8:30 Stramongate Primary School, Kendal
  • Thursday 7:15-8 PM at Lindale Village Hall
For more details please e-mail Caytie.Wightman@rosemaryconley.com

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