Wednesday 21 September 2011

#TheGallery: Guilty Pleasures

The challenge this week from Tara's gallery is Guilty Pleasures. So here are a few of mine:

Breakfast in bed

From a fairly young age my daughter has loved bringing me breakfast in bed. Her first ever attempt was a ham sandwich! The photograph above was the next step with a hot cross bun buttered on the outside and a fairy cake. She has progressed onto bowls of cereal and toast but sometimes just a mug of coffee on a Saturday morning whilst I'm still under the duvet is a great way to start my weekend. In fact any time I can curl up with a mug of good coffee and book is a definite guilty pleasure:

Happiness is...

Another guilty pleasure is make a big batch of pancake batter on a Saturday morning and after putting on some healthy fruit I drizzle over some maple syrup over the top:

Yummy pancakes for brunch

Oh and of course the ultimate guilty pleasure for a mum after the kids have gone to bed:

A glass of wine


  1. Oh your glass is empty, here let me fill it for you!
    I noticed you like black coffee, I'm a milky coffee myself and I cannot remember the last time I had breakfast in bed, must do something about that

  2. I have the very same guilty pleasures! And I loooove your Emma Bridgewater mug :) x

  3. Wine yes, pancakes, fruit and maple syrup... oh yes! In fact, I bet they'd work at the same time. Although not at breakfast, that's frowned upon. Apparently :)

  4. okay - you won me with the wine bring-up-the-rear of the photos. All looks so yummy and I am quite obsessed with coffee too. Guilty pleasures make the world go round.
    found you thru wild wedneday and hope u will check us out too at
    Be well
    Cathy and Becca

  5. I love your guilty pleasures!

  6. Oh yummy! Now I'm hungry and ready to drink some coffee :) I'm a new follower and would love it if you could follow me back :)


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