Friday 9 September 2011

Disorganised Mum

Anyone that knows me in real life will know that I've never been a very organised person and I'm always surrounded by chaos and confusion! I'm so easily distracted that I never finish anything before putting things away so I then can't find them when I next need them...

I am renowned in my family for losing keys, phones and anything else that is small and portable... Yesterday I misplaced my spectacles somewhere between the house and the car (I wasn't wearing them I was testing out contact lenses). This morning I still couldn't find them and nor could I find my spares (not sure I've seen them since moving house..). So in order to take my  children to school in the car I had to put in the only contact lenses I could find - both right eye prescription which was not ideal.

After the school run I went to delve in the Aladdin's cave of my parents' garage where there are boxes of my possessions awaiting me to sort them out. I rummaged through lots of them and only managed to find a really old pair of spectacles dating from the 1990s:

The good news is I found a whole load of things that I have been wondering where they were since I moved:

  • spare car keys (could have done with those when I got locked out of my car in the spring!)
  • my smart shoes and long boots
  • my premium bond certificate (which was inside an old handbag)
  • an umbrella
  • teach yourself Latin
  • a Harry Potter wand
  • my daughter's toy picnic hamper
  • and lots of other bits!

Do you think I'm too old at 40 to learn to be more organised?


  1. The question is, are you going to teach yourself Latin?

  2. LOL! Great post! And I know just how you feel- I am the same way 99% of the time! =0)

    New follower from Wednesday's blog hop!

  3. I would recommend an organised Mum calender and perhaps you start on the Fly lady programme

  4. I had a very similar pair. Stylish, weren't we?!

  5. It's amazing what you can find hiding in an old handbag!


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