Saturday 14 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful IX

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I haven't had time to join in Michelle's lovely linky lately as too busy and not because I've had nothing to be cheerful about! So I need to jump right back in and let you all know why I'm smiling at the minute :-)

1) Compliments Received
I seem to be receiving lots of compliments recently both for myself and my children! My son was praised today and last week for being so well-behaved whilst I was doing my aerobics class. The poor thing had to sit in a corner and watch a DVD whilst I and the other people got all sweaty, apparently other people's kids have caused chaos and run riot in other classes:

I myself have had several people comment on doing well at losing weight and getting slimmer! That is always such a boost when other people notice the results of my hard work. Another mum at school has told me that I come across as a very calm person (obviously hasn't seen me at home with the kids!) and an ideal childminder... 

2) Friendships
I have an increasing number of people up here in Kendal and at my daughter's school that are so lovely to chat to and spend time with. My regular Wednesday morning coffee at church seems to be extending into an almost all day social with the fabulously supportive Christian mums. At the school gates and in the village playground there is always someone to have a chat with. Even when walking through town I nearly always bump into to someone to pass the time of day with!

3) My children
Not only am I being complimented on them but they are reaching so many exciting milestones. My son has been awarded a place at his big sister's school for September and so is moving on from being a pre-schooler to a primary school child. He has also just worked out how to fasten his own seatbelt at last! He has promised that when he grows up he will still want kisses and cuddles and will never say he hates me... I don't believe that!

My daughter at 7 and a half has finally lost her first baby tooth which fell out last night:

She still has her annoying moments but also lovely touches like last night when I came down from putting her brother to bed to find her washing up (in virtually cold water!):


  1. Awww :) They're lovely reasons. I need to remember to go to the church coffee things more. I always remember just as they finish...

  2. Ours is a cell group for mums who mostly can't make an evening one due to the kids! Great to get together, drink coffee/tea, eat cake and then get spiritual!


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