Thursday 5 May 2011

May Personal Challenge

After the failure of my April Personal Challenge I am going to have another go with the personal challenge...


Maybe I was over optimistic last time so I'm setting my sights lower and maybe I'll succeed!
  1. For my weight to go down instead of up! No actual number on the scales just a reduction from what it was today... I have been stuck around the same weight now for far too many weeks and its time I shifted more. I've been letting the Fitness Friday team down...

  2. To be more organised and plan menus ahead again so that the kids and I know what we are going to be eating and to have it ready to go. This should help personal goal number 1 and make life a whole lot less stressful and cheaper!
Right that'e enough for one month! 

1 comment:

  1. I really really need to get this menu planning art down you know. I'm rubbish. And the times I do plan OH decides he isn't hungry or I just forget... *is useless*

    How's it going so far?


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