Wednesday 4 May 2011

Haba Toys: Charlotte Doll

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I am delighted that my family has been selected as one of the UK Ambassadors for Haba Toys which are made in Germany. They have traditionally made wooden toys and furniture but are now also working in textiles and porcelain. I have been sent a parcel of toys for the family to try out and review and this is the first of them:

The first thing I liked was the minimal packaging the doll came in. So many toys have such excess packaging its pretty off putting. She was a very attractive doll and my 7 year old instantly wanted to claim her for herself and play with her. On the box it says for age 1 1/2 years upwards so it is intended as a starter level doll.

The doll was nice and soft to hold but nice and firm to play with. She is very made with an embroided face. Her clothes are removable which was an instant attraction to my daughter:

When everything was removed my daughter discovered that Charlotte has a stitched belly button which she found very cute. One problem we found was that it was hard for my daughter to put the skirt back on as it was pretty tight across the doll's bottom - this should ease as the doll is played with for a while. The shoes proved impossible for her to do herself and I had to do them. With a younger child they would need plenty of help to put the doll's clothes back on.

Her clothes are beautifully made and the hat looks like its hand knitted. Details such as pockets on the waistcoat are a nice touch. The clothes supplied allow for a couple of different looks. Looking at the web site there are a couple more outfits you could purchase if you wanted to.

This doll is definitely high quality and feels like it would have a long life as a child's toy. Judging by my daughter's reaction it could bring many years of pleasure. The only downsides we could find was the trickiness of putting some of the clothes/shoes on but this may well get easier with time.

I have a couple more toys to review from this initial bundle over the rest of the week so watch this space!

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