Friday 6 May 2011

Fitness Friday: Week 20

First of all apologies for missing the last few weeks, the school holidays have played havoc with my blogging and my diet/exercise so I have in fact gained a couple of pounds... Aargh I was so pleased with the 1 and 1/2 stone I'd lost and seriously need to get back on track. So this is my plan:

Today I started following the Slim Down plan from last month's Rosemary Conley magazine. This is a 7 day kick start of 1200 calories a day which I can follow for 2 weeks. The magazine reckons should lose me 5 lb this week. It worked back in January so let's hope I can stick to it and see the results on the scales next Thursday at class.

I have been better at  getting exercise into my routine the last few days. Getting in a 50 minute combination of Wii Personal Fitness Instructor and Zumba after the school run makes me feel better. I have also had a couple of Just Dance 2 short sessions when time is short. The Zumba is working on the waistline and abdomen which is my main area to shrink so let's hope a few home classes a week will work wonders!

Watch this space for next week's result and click on the logo to see how everyone else is getting on (hopefully better than me!)

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