Friday 14 May 2010

Things I wished I'd known...

... that I should have made sure that both our names were on all the utilities bills...

I am still trying to sort out some of them that won't talk to me as I'm not Mr Willoughby. A very few let you get your name changed, others you have to change provider to get bills in your own name, but some its like a brick wall.

One bane of my life is TalkTalk. I couldn't cancel the account as it wasn't in my name so they just kept on sending bills to my husband and then when they weren't paid they kept calling him. I lost count of the number of times they would call but couldn't take my word that he didn't live at my address any more. So the calls continue and then letters threatening debt collection. 

Then I discovered they had cut off the main landline number. When I try and ring out it diverts to the TalkTalk payments department. As I've been paying BT for the landline I was just slightly cheesed off. Apparently BT can't get divert turned off so to use the landline I have to use a bypass number.. Thank goodness the main phone I use to dial out is on the Broadband so not effected. But to use the bedroom phone or the fax machine I have to remember to add the extra digits!

So the moral of the story is: if you set home with someone keep all the bills in both your names - you need to be able to talk to the suppliers!

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  1. What a complete pain Becky, I hope it all gets sorted really soon. Mich x


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