Tuesday 4 May 2010

Celeb Looky-Likey

I’ve been tagged with the Celebrity Look-alike meme by Cara.I hadn't seen anyone else's blogposts on this one but she was paired with some gorgeous ladies so I thought why not give it a try...

... the results were a bit unexpected but maybe it was something to do with my glasses...

Mortern Harket was a teenage heartthrob so quite nice to be matched with him. But how come the only female is Nana Mouskouri???

OK maybe my daughter will fare better:

What a range! In the meantime I found a photo of me without glasses to see if I could do better...

Emma Thompson I don't mind at all but Pope Pius!!! Last one of these better be my son to see which handsome famous people he resembles...


At least one matches his sister - but Carol Vorderman & Charlotte Church...

Oh well I'd better hand the baton over to:


  1. This had me rolling around with laughter - I love it

  2. You certainly have to have a sense of humour to do this one!!

  3. How very rando. I am very glad I have not been tagged for this one! I would hate to think what comes up! lmao Mich x


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