Monday 3 May 2010

That was the week that was

I've made it through this week alive but it's been a close run thing as it's definitely been the week from hell. I hope to God I never have so many things go wrong in such a short space of time.

It started on Wednesday when a treat for my little boy of lunch at the cheap Chinese ended up as a 3.5 hour trip to casualty for a nasty bump on the head:

Whilst we were waiting our turn at the hospital the school rang to say my daughter was ill. I had to arrange for another mum to pick her up and felt guilty that I couldn't be there for both my children.

We all ended up in my bed as my daughter didn't want to on her own and I had to keep an eye on my son in case he had done serious damage. So I didn't get too much sleep with both my kids in my bed especially as they both snore and wiggle ;-)

First thing in the morning my phone rang and my dad broke the news about my granddad dying. My thoughts on this were blogged here. This obviously was a blow and it made most of that day pass in a haze but with at least one child at home with me all day I did semi-function.

Because my daughter was a combination of under the weather and slightly emotional over the loss of her great granddad I kept her off school again on Friday. This has meant that in the last 6 days I haven't had a child free afternoon at all. 

My son seems to tune in to my stress levels and adds to them in his own inimitable style by increasing the number of ways and places to put poo anywhere but the loo! He and his sister also can't cope with being together at normal weekends let alone a 3 day one.

Nearly forgot to add that my hot water stopped working on Sunday night just as I was running a bath for all us after getting wet on the seafront. When the engineer came round it was working again but he said that if it needs fixing I will first of all have to remove all the things in the way. This means a short run of work surface, the tumble dryer, the saucepan hanging rack, the neat bit of wood panelling which has the controls wired through... Oh joy thank God I'm moving out...

Luckily we had some distractions of the May Day celebrations in Hastings and a trip to Battle Abbey with my son's godfather and his girlfriend. But I also know that I drank far too much wine to get me through a tough few days and I know it doesn't help. Hopefully things are going to get better and I get back to doing what I do best being a mum to two of the best kids in the world:

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  1. What a nightmare time, sorry to hear about your Grandad. That must be all the poop luck done with for a while surely! Hope today is a good day :)


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