Sunday, 23 January 2022

Wainwright Challenge: 7/214 Blake Fell

On Saturday I was over in Ennerdale to film the Blake Fell race. Of course I couldn't resist walking up to the very top to add number 7 to my Wainwright tally. I was following the race's return as the runners came down through the mist:

Blake Fell

Once the last runner had passed I followed the directions on Komoot and a friend's tip of keeping the fence on my right:


Visibility was pretty poor and I only knew it was the top by the stone circle and the app:

Blake Fell

It was difficult to film my little dance as in the cold & wind my phone kept shutting down! To show you more of the conditions and see my TikTok watch this film:

As it turned out, I was walking on a sprained ankle so no more fells for at least a week!


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