Saturday 1 January 2022

Kicking off 2022


Having neglected my blog for most of 2021, too much TikTok, its time to kick start it again! At some point I will have to update the highlights of last year. But meantime I am starting 2022 as I mean to go on:

Fell Foot New Years Day 2022

I headed to Fell Foot park for a 9 am parkrun to start the year right. Then I joined in the official New Year's Day swim (it was a refreshing 5C!). 

No resolutions for me this year I am just challenging myself to do things that will help my physical and mental health:

2022 challenges

First up is RED January 2022 to make sure I do something active every day. With my running I am looking at chipping away at the time I set at Fell Foot this morning (coming back from injury). Finally its about time I increased my tally of Wainwrights from a pathetic 5 to get more of the 214 ticked off.

To keep me accountable I have the colour in daily chart, the tick off map and I am using Conqueror challenges (10% off via link!) to reward myself. I will do a monthly update but keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram to follow more closely.

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