Monday 27 August 2018

Grasmere Sports 2018

I once again volunteered to help at Grasmere Sports and was put on the fell running registration. It wasn't the best of weather for an outdoor sporting contest:

We set ourselves up with all the numbers for each of the categories:

We then spent most of the day registering anyone brave enough to come out in the cold and rain! My dad brought my son up and he took part in various sports. Unfortunately for him in the wrestling he came up against one of the regular wrestlers in round 1 so didn't last long... He also needed dry socks as they wrestle with no shoes on....

Next he participated in the fell race as it was part of his club championships. It wasn't wonderful conditions to run or spectate in:

Luckily for me someone happened to get a photo of my son coming down the hill whilst photographing their own child:

He was 21 seconds faster than in 2017 which shows the training is paying off! Then he entered the long leap and with his 2m 61cm he came second:

He then went home to dry out! Once I had finished registration I headed up the hill to video the senior race:

There were some spectacular leaps over the hurdle:

Most impressive for me was the oldest competitor in the race at 80 years of age:

Roll Grasmere Sports 2019 and hopefully better weather!

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