Tuesday 21 August 2018

Pembrokeshire Beaches

One of the reasons that Single With Kids run a holiday to Stackpole is its proximity to wonderful beaches. Over a fortnight we had plenty of adventures and fun on them with our guests. We always start with Broad Haven South:

Its a beautiful spot with big enough waves for body boarding and plenty of sand for getting creative:

With plenty of other holiday makers the children (and adults) had fun damming the stream:

This created deep pools and then caused huge tidal waves when the dams were broken!

We also visited Barafundle Bay which had been named one of the most beautiful in the world:

It was lovely clean sand to be buried up to my neck in:

Or to build a marble run:

Of course the children (and adults) enjoyed the perennial King Canute battle against the tide:

The waters were surprisingly warm and perfect for swimming:

The third beach was Freshwater East which is a more commercial and accessible beach but still beautiful:

This beach has another stream perfect for amazing sandcastle construction:

and destruction:

My son repeated the drama on our return to Barafundle:

Our final beaches were at Tenby:

These were a lot busier than the other beaches as they are next to a town. We still found room for castle building and boules:

All in all these beaches make a perfect holiday spot for families in Wales.

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