Wednesday 17 August 2016

#CountryKids Sandcastles and Ghosts at Robin Hood's Bay #Whatevertheweather

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Monkey and Mouse

We had a wild, damp day exploring the village and then the best weather of the week meant a full day on the beach. This gave my daughter and her new friends a chance to build a pretty awesome motte and bailey sandcastle:

My daughter was so dedicated to building up the bailey:

She also carefully dug out a bridge across the moat:

Towards the end of construction one friend quit and myself and another mum were allowed to assist in finishing it off with putting the top of the castle on, deepening the moat and strenthening the bailey:

My son and the younger children went more for a complex of interconnected smaller castles:

As you can see she was very proud of the final castle:

We then took all our stuff safely above the tide line and waited to see how long the castle  would last against the incoming waves:

I think we must have been good builders for it to survive as long as it did:

Of course eventually the power of sea overcame our engineering and this video demonstrates how coastal erosion works:

That night we had another beach BBQ but this time on the sea wall as the tide was in. Perfectly on cue as we were packing up a rainbow appeared across the bay:

rainbow Robin Hoods Bay

A few of us then went on the Ghost Walk around the village during which we learned about more of the village history as well as hearing some spooky tales:

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